About Us

At Retirement Happiness we are dedicated to helping you retire more successfully. We believe that “retiree” planning is an area of speciality and requires specific attention to complex, interrelated issues. That being said you can achieve a lot by yourself by analysing your current financial position and doing a little research.

We truly feel that in helping you our visitors we are doing our bit to for our fellow ageing citizens at the point of retirement and beyond. We are looking to developed specific retirement planning strategies to help protect you and your hard-earned savings.

Our objective is to advise you regarding all the specialized portfolio management for your stage of life. Addressing Social Security maximization, generating income from investments, reducing risk, helping limit loss, and achieving added peace of mind for a retirement free from financial stress.

We understand the fear among retirees of running out of money, and we’ll work hard to help you to lead the predictable retirement lifestyle you have imagined.

We also welcome and actively encourage feedback so if you wish to let us know what you think about one of our articles/posts then please drop us a line, or leave a comment on the page.

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